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Everybody needs a home

National Homelessness Week August 2-8th 2020 This year ACOSS released the Poverty in Australia 2020 report saying that 3.24 million people in Australia or 13.6

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An update from our CEO

Dear Friends of St Kilda Gatehouse, We have some good news! Super good news! Thanks to the Australian Government’s Job Keeper scheme St Kilda Gatehouse

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In the media

St Kilda Gatehouse

by Dianne Azoor Hughes, Treasurer, St Kilda Gatehouse

Throughout my professional career I strived for work-life balance, I promoted gender equality and diversity, and worked to uncover the unconscious biases we each carry in the workplace and beyond. 


The Uncomfortable Truth About Child Sexual Abuse

“This article was first published on Pursuit. Read the original article.”

By Dr Gemma McKibbin, University of Melbourne, and Jessica Laird, Deakin University

Sydney Morning Herald

Next time you see a sex worker on a street corner, ponder this...

Ever pondered the women you see on street corners? Ever wondered about the stories of these daughters, mothers and sisters who do street sex work?

TEDx Talk

She's Someone: Humanising women involved in street based sex work

In late 2014, St Kilda Gatehouse was approached by Tedx St Kilda. They invited Gatehouse staff to share on the Tedx stage stories from women who work on the streets. We thought about it more deeply and decided it didn’t feel right to share the women’s stories on that sort of platform. They were the women’s stories to share. We declined the invitation. The organisers at Tedx St Kilda then suggested we share our own stories. Sally Tonkin, our then CEO, did just that. In late March 2015 she shared how the values of Gatehouse and the women who we have the privilege of working with have shaped her understanding. 

The Age

Street life

Interview with former St Kilda Gatehouse CEO (May 2, 2011)

Sally Tonkin works with the marginalised and she says there’s more to sex workers than how they make a living.