St Kilda Gatehouse welcomes businesses to partner with us in working to support some of the most at-risk women in our communities. Financial corporate support is essential to ensure the sustainability of our programs and we would welcome your corporate support of our work in social and community development.

by Dianne Azoor Hughes, Treasurer, St Kilda Gatehouse

Throughout my professional career I strived for work-life balance, I promoted gender equality and diversity, and worked to uncover the unconscious biases we each carry in the workplace and beyond. Like many professionals, I have learned how to manage the pressures and stress we might encounter in our journey through life at different times. It is only since joining the Board of a medium-sized charity that I have learned about complex trauma, which has disrupted my understanding of how these fundamentals of a safe, secure existence can be achieved.

sponsorship and in-kind support

Aligning with the values, priorities, concerns, and passions of our business and corporate partners has been a great mutual resource as we work to support those involved in street based sex work as a result of abuse, addiction, poverty and other hardships, and young women at risk of or experiencing sexual exploitation.

Sponsorship can assist in covering costs of:

  • Covering rental of one of our three premises for a set period of time
  • Printing and production costs of resources (eg: ARISE training Materials)
  • One-off purchase of computers when upgrades required

In-kind support may include:

  • Workplace collections of non-perishable foods, clothes, toiletries, blankets for our programs;
  • Workplace collections of high quality preloved clothes and goods for the Greeves St, Op Shop;
  • Volunteering to organize or host an event

WORKplace giving

St Kilda Gatehouse is a registered charity on the Good2Give Workplace giving platform. Good2Give enables employees to make pre-tax donations direct from their pay. Over 70% of companies registered on the Good2Give Workplace Giving Platform match their employees donations – meaning St Kilda Gatehouse receives more!

To join:

  1. Ask your employer if your organisation is registered on the Good2Give Workplace Giving Platform
  3. Nominate St Kilda Gatehouse as a Charity of your choice
  4. Promote Workplace giving to your colleagues


Please go to Greeves St. Voices link below for more information about our engaging and informative workshops