Season of Change


News from the St Kilda Gatehouse Board ​

It is a joy for me to be a part of St Kilda Gatehouse. I am continually amazed by the dedication and commitment of our staff, Board and volunteers. The St Kilda Gatehouse family is made up of compassionate and creative people who believe that together we can make the world a better place for vulnerable and marginalized women and girls.

I want to take this opportunity to share with you some changes that are happening with the Board. Last week we said farewell to two Board members, Mark Watt and Ruth Baker.

We thank Mark for his commitment to St Kilda Gatehouse for the past 12 years as Chair of the Board and interim CEO for 3 years. During Mark’s leadership St Kilda Gatehouse grew to include the Young Women’s Project and Greeves St Social Enterprise. We are grateful for Mark’s incredible energy, passion, and advocacy all these years.

Ruth Baker has also been a vital and valued member of the Board for 6 years. We are deeply grateful to Ruth for her wisdom, generous spirit, unwavering support of the staff and for her ability to listen, problem solve and think outside the box.

We wish both Ruth and Mark all the very best in their next adventures. Your contributions have helped to shape the organisation and you will remain friends of St Kilda Gatehouse forever.

We are delighted to welcome Dianne Azoor-Hughes as our new Chair of the Board. Dianne brings with her 30 years of experience in the risk and governance sector and has done a terrific job as the Treasurer for St Kilda Gatehouse the past 4 years. We are very happy to welcome Dianne as Chair.

More recently three terrific people have joined Desiree Smit and Dianne on the Board – John Sutherland and Linda Wise joined the team on June 29th and Alan Marr on July 20th. Each is passionate about the mission of St Kilda Gatehouse and brings a wealth of expertise and creative thinking to their role on the board.

We will officially thank and recognize our amazing Board at the November Annual General Meeting. There is much to be grateful for and celebrate and I am looking very forward to being part of this new season in the life of St Kilda Gatehouse.

Stacey Aslangul

CEO – St Kilda Gatehouse


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