“You can’t be one of us girls!”


Women we work with regularly visit the Greeves St. shop, most often for emergency relief, but that is not the only story to tell.

“Jessica’s” first visit to Greeves St. Op Shop, was to find an outfit to work in. There were many subsequent visits, until one day she encountered “Beth”, who was busy sorting donations. 

They started chatting and Beth invited Jess to the sewing group, which is held every week at the shop. It began to dawn on Jess that there was more to Beth’s story.

“You can’t be one of us girls!” Jess exclaimed. But Beth corrected her and told how she had ended up on the streets many years ago, and how she re-connected with St Kilda Gatehouse years later through the shop – first by attending the sewing group, then as a volunteer, and then finally, as an employee. 

Jess has now attended the sewing group twice, making a Christmas decoration and a wheat bag. After last group she stayed on and learned how to use the pricing gun, spending a happy half hour tagging winter beanies as a volunteer. 

There are many stories of hope at St Kilda Gatehouse. Let us know if you would like to hear more!


St Kilda Gatehouse is a safe place of belonging, connection, and respect for our community’s most marginalized and disadvantaged women involved in street based sex

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