7 Ways To Love Yourself


The Young Women’s Centre in Dandenong saw 5 young women aged 16-24 participate in a program called, “7 Ways To Love Yourself” – incorporating a combination of creative, relaxation and mindfulness activities and reflections, focussed on loving yourself through nutrition, spoken and thought words and actions. 

Art Therapist, Megan used her calm presence and creativity to facilitate a relaxing space, teaching young women ways to reflect, process and foster positive self concepts. 

In the final week we made a delicious healthy feast and enjoyed eating it together around the table. One young woman reflected she had learnt that, “Beautiful is something you are on the inside more than on the outside”.


St Kilda Gatehouse is a safe place of belonging, connection, and respect for our community’s most marginalized and disadvantaged women involved in street based sex

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As I was walking along Fitzroy St, St Kilda, on Thursday morning, I observed a police vehicle turn on its flashing lights and siren as

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