St Kilda Gatehouse works alongside vulnerable girls and women experiencing marginalisation in Melbourne. Your donation ensures young women, girls and women are receiving basic needs (swags, meals, identification, a warm shower, clothes); referrals to professional support for complex issues (homelessness, mental health, family & sexual violence; alcohol & other drugs) and a safe community through our support workers and programs.

Identification dilemmas

We constantly get feedback at St Kilda Gatehouse that we represent family, community and friendship – and we are conscious of modelling values such as un-conditional support, trustworthiness and healthy boundaries. We really are there for each woman’s individual needs.

Riding with teenagers in cars

I pulled in at the caravan park to pick up fourteen-year old Tori. At the moment there are no ‘appropriate’ placements for Tori in residential care so this is home for the moment. I can’t help thinking how vulnerable she must feel – living in a flimsy, old-style caravan amongst who-knows-who.

Still hanging in there

“Initially I wanted to get involved in the Greeves St. Sewing Group because I stopped using drugs years ago. But I didn’t feel like I fit in anywhere outside of the drug culture. I spent 10 years trying to feel normal.