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Local movers and shakers: Jane Gilmore, Wendy Squires and Angela Dawson have pulled together a one of a kind event to raise funds for the Drop-In Centre in Greeves Street.

Tickets include a stellar comedy and music line-up and finger food. Buy tickets now!! (click on the poster).


Background behind Gatehouse Unlocked

In the aftermath of Tracy Connelly’s murder Jane Gilmore from The Tribune published an article about how Tracy's life and death were portrayed in the media. Though the article went viral on social media Jane questioned what difference had actually been made. Jane asked the question: what would make a difference to the women like Tracy, the ones who shared her life and continue to live in the world she left?

As Jane wrote in a follow-up piece:

It seems so obvious to just ask the women themselves. Obvious, but not easy. The women who do sex work on Greeves St are justifiably suspicious of outsiders. At best, they are “do-gooders” dropping by to speak rather than listen. At worst, outsiders come in, viciously judgemental, to do more harm. Even asking the question felt ignorant and intrusive.

“You’re gonna drop in here out of your nice safe little world and write about us and be all edgy and then go back to your nice safe little world, but we’ll still be here, you know?”

- Woman, Greeves St

She wasn’t angry, she was just making a statement of fact and we both knew she was right. But, even so, she still shared something of her world.

“I’ve been on the streets since I was about 13 I think. And people come down and say things like why don’t you go work in a brothel, because they think that would be safer. They’ve never worked in a brothel of course, so they’ve got no fucking idea, but they think I’ll be safer if I’m somewhere they can’t see me.

Or they say why don’t you go get a job at Coles or something. Hahaha. Have a look at me, do you think I could get a job at Coles? I’m still using, no one is going to give me a job and even if they did, it wouldn’t be enough and you can’t do that kind of job while you’re using, so what else am I going to do?

“What would make us safer? How about if the Gatehouse was open a bit more? How about if it was open at night? Maybe if it was Tracy wouldn’t be dead now.”

- Woman, Greeves St


In response to Jane's articles the community have rallied around to help fundraise for 'Gatehouse Unlocked' - a campaign to open the doors of Gatehouse longer. Already thanks to the Pozible campaign run by local resident Jane Macdonald Gatehouse is now open an extra day a week. Now Melbourne's finest comedians and musical talent are coming together to raise further funds. It is a night not to be missed. Tickets will sell fast so book now.




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