Creating belonging


St Kilda Gatehouse is passionate about creating belonging for women and girls. Imagine if you took every relationship out of your life and tried to make it alone in this world…

That is often the reality for the women and girls we work with. Following is a reflection about belonging from the Drop In team in St Kilda:

“Celebrating milestones is important at St Kilda Gatehouse. It builds community and a sense of belonging. We remember all women’s birthdays but if we forget, the women themselves remind us. Recently we celebrated Stephanie’s birthday. She turned 45. Steph isn’t in contact with her children and family. Recently she said, “ I have no one. Absolutely no one “. We sang happy birthday and gave her a gift with a personal note in a card. Steph started to cry and through her tears said, “These are happy tears,” and, “I can’t tell you how much this means to me”. 

We believe every woman’s birthday is important and deserves to be recognized and celebrated.

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