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Resources, articles, studies and links to further reading on issues related to street sex work.

Red Light Dark Room

'Gemma-Rose Turnbull spent a year as an artist in residence with St Kilda Gatehouse, a non profit organisation who work with street sex workers. She gave the women their own cameras and worked with them to tell their stories. This book is a collection of insightful interviews, observations and photographs. A collection that seeks to open the shutters on their day to day lives.'

St Kilda Gatehouse feels fortunate to have hosted a project which has been taken on with such great enthusiasm and interest by the participants. The stories shared, as well as Gemma’s own personal observations, are both confronting and raw. For the broader community it is an opportunity to build awareness of the humanity and complexity of the lives of street sex workers. 

Proceeds from Red Light Dark Room will go towards supporting women transition out of street sex work. You can order a copy HERE.


Street Life

Article by Michael Short in The Age on CEO Sally Tonkin and the human side of street sex work

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Photo: Simon Schluter

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