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The inaugural St.Kilda High Hopes Tea Party was a wonderful community gathering and a resounding success. As part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, the event catered up to 300 people per sitting (2 sessions), who were spoiled by delicious food whilst they perused an array of silent auction items, antique stalls and enjoyed live entertainment. Raising over $15,000 on the day, the funds will assist St.Kilda Gatehouse assist young women move out of street sex work through providing crisis care, intensive support and connections with the community.

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Red Light Dark Room Book

'Gemma-Rose Turnbull spent a year as an artist in residence with St Kilda Gatehouse, a non profit organisation who work with street sex workers. She gave the women their own cameras and worked with them to tell their stories. This book is a collection of insightful interviews, observations and photographs. A collection that seeks to open the shutters on their day to day lives.'

St Kilda Gatehouse feels fortunate to have hosted a project which has been taken on with such great enthusiasm and interest by the participants. The stories shared, as well as Gemma’s own personal observations, are both confronting and raw. For the broader community it is an opportunity to build awareness of the humanity and complexity of the lives of street sex workers. 

Proceeds from Red Light Dark Room will go towards supporting women transition out of street sex work. You can order a copy HERE.




The Costume Collection

The Costume Collection is the best collection of Australian fashion in the country. Loel Thomson is a private collector who has dedicated her time and resources to the collection, preservation and display of two hundred years of Australian fashion. Loel doesn't advertise for visitors to her collection of 10,000 items. Supporters of Gatehouse are invited to a special viewing.

When: Wednesday 12th October, 7.30pm
Where: The Costume Collection, 39 Greenaway Street, Bulleen.
What: Tour and talk on 200 years of Australian fashion. 
Followed by coffee + cake.
Cost: $25. All proceeds going to St Kilda Gatehouse.

(Picture: Rodger Cummins from The Age)

Local Saints

Local Saints is an evening to celebrate and thank those who have made a significant contribution to the work of St Kilda Gatehouse - and also the launch of our new Ambassador Program.

We are seeking potential Ambassadors who will advocate, mobilise support and strengthen the work of St Kilda Gatehouse. Support and training will be provided in early 2013 to provide Ambassadors with a deeper understanding of the issues around street sex work and the values and mission of St Kilda Gatehouse.

If you're interested come along on November 11th to find out more.

Date:        Friday November 11th

Time:        7.30 - 9.30pm

Location: St Kilda Town Hall, (Level 1, Council Chambers), 99a Carlisle St

Please RSVP to:

Drinks and supper will be provided. Partners and family members welcome.

St Kilda High Hopes

 "Where there’s tea there’s hope" - Arthur W. Pinero


St Kilda Gatehouse is excited to announce that it will be part of the 2012 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. A deliciously decadent day, this High Tea event will raise funds for St Kilda Gatehouse. The historic St Kilda Town Hall is the perfect backdrop for an afternoon of treats and indulgence. An array of savouries and desserts inspired by some of Melbourne’s best pâtisseries, accompanied by a mix of jazz and folk.

Date:        Sunday 18th March 2012

Time:        2pm (first sitting), 4.30pm (second sitting)

Location: St Kilda Town Hall, 99a Carlisle Street, St Kilda

Cost:         $65

Full details and tickets will be available from 2nd December. For all enquiries:



Beyond the Street Corner

16 October 2009

Our third annual fundraising event sold out, with over 400 guests attending. The evening raised enough funds for St Kilda Gatehouse to operate as a ‘full-time’ service in 2010. We owe much gratitude to our guest performers. Maree represented the Gatehouse community, singing a personal version of “Out Here On My Own”. Paul Kelly performed four of his well known and loved singles. Tim Costello gave an inspiring message, both amusing and moving guests with his stories of St Kilda.

Many thanks to those who donated goods and services to the Silent Auction

Church Street Nursery
Alchemy Road
Penny Farthing Cycles
Jon Osborne photography
Maria Gloria
Paul Kelly
Eco Outdoor
studio 202
Penny Leaper
CT Designs
Il Postino
Gallery 112
Gemma Rose
Mia Freedman
The Gallery
Luke Wolokh
Antipasto Delicatessen
Presse Café Wine Bar
Cable Car Wine and Spirits
The St Kilda Branch
The White Lily Room
St Kilda Cycles
Cushion Lounge

The two course dinner was catered by Danny Popper; antipasto platters were donated by Nandos; wine was provided by Cable Car Wine and Spirits; City of Port Phillip provided security and event staff and allowed us to use their grand Town Hall as the venue.


Fundraiser Gig at The Wesley Anne

Saturday March 7th, 8.30pm

A live performance at The Wesley Anne, 250 High Street, Northcote with proceeds going to St Kilda Gatehouse.

The line-up for the evening will be:

Ali Smith: 8.45pm - 9.15pm
Emily Hanscamp: 9.25pm - 10.05pm
The Tealeaves: 10.15pm - 10.55pm

Also featuring a live painting by artist Tarryn Attkinson (whose work will be for sale and proceeds also going to St Kilda Gatehouse) and animations by Laura Bracken.

Cost: $10

Check out:


St Kilda Gatehouse Annual Fundraising Dinner 2008

Monday October 27th 2008, 6.30pm

A fantastic night!

The newly renovated St Kilda Town hall provided a magnificent backdrop for the event. Nandos were generously catered for the dinner and were enthusiastic participants throughout the whole evening. Jonathon Welsh delivered a roof shaking and stirring performance. Jeanette Tamplin and Gordon Briddock also charmed us with their music and vocals. Cath McKinney spoke about the many forms and significance of giving.

….but the success of the evening must also be attributed to the energy and buzz created by the guests. The outcome has been a greater interest and awareness in the work of St Kilda Gatehouse – as well as additional funds and donations.

A big thank you to all who participated. And a particular note of gratitude to the women who shared their experiences from St Kilda Gatehouse and to the key players who worked tirelessly to make the night happen: Anita Wight and her team of volunteers, Katrina McArdle, Nick Garofalo and Paul Coory.


DinnerNandos guys


Wedding Gowns through the Century



She's Someone

St Kilda Gatehouse invites you to join a candlelight vigil to honour the life of Tracy Connelly, whose life was taken on Sunday 21 July 2013. As a community we stand together against violence and to show we care.

Thursday 8 August 2013
Greeves Street, St Kilda
Free BBQ from 6pm
Candle light vigil from 6.30pm – 8pm

Special Guests:
Phil Cleary, White Ribbon Ambassador and former MP
Hon Mary Wooldridge, Minister for Community Services
Jill Hennessy MP, Shadow Minister for Crime Prevention
Mayor Amanda Stevens, City of Port Phillip
Solstice Singers, St Kilda Choir
Richelle Boer and Josh Fuhrmeister, Musicians

St Kilda Gatehouse invites you to join a candlelight vigil to honour the life of Tracy Connelly, whose life was taken on Sunday 21 July 2013. As a community we stand together against violence and to show we care.

To facilitate the event Greeves Street will be closed to traffic between 6 - 8.30pm


Public Transport
Sandringham Train Line to Balaclava Station: 1km (or catch tram 16)
Tram Stop 34, Carlisle and Mitchell St, Tram 16, 79, 3a: 350m
Tram Stop 34, Inkerman St and St Kilda Road, Tram 3, 67: 180m
Tram Stop 140, Barkly and Acland St, Tram 96: 350m
Bus routes 246, 600, 606, 922 or 923, Barkly and Carlisle St: 140m
Bus Route 623, Carlisle and Foster St: 85m

Paid Car Parking:
Open parking next to Palais Theatre: 650m
Ground and undercover parking at St Kilda Sea Baths: 1km
Undercover parking at Acland Court, Barkly St: 350m
Undercover parking Woolworths Carpark, Acland St: 350m



Gatehouse Unlocked


In the aftermath of Tracy Connelly’s murder Jane Gilmore from The Tribune published an article about how Tracy's life and death were portrayed in the media. Though the article went viral on social media Jane questioned what difference had actually been made. Jane asked the question: what would make a difference to the women like Tracy, the ones who shared her life and continue to live in the world she left?


As Jane wrote in a follow-up piece:

It seems so obvious to just ask the women themselves. Obvious, but not easy. The women who do sex work on Greeves St are justifiably suspicious of outsiders. At best, they are “do-gooders” dropping by to speak rather than listen. At worst, outsiders come in, viciously judgemental, to do more harm. Even asking the question felt ignorant and intrusive.

“You’re gonna drop in here out of your nice safe little world and write about us and be all edgy and then go back to your nice safe little world, but we’ll still be here, you know?”

- Woman, Greeves St

She wasn’t angry, she was just making a statement of fact and we both knew she was right. But, even so, she still shared something of her world.

“I’ve been on the streets since I was about 13 I think. And people come down and say things like why don’t you go work in a brothel, because they think that would be safer. They’ve never worked in a brothel of course, so they’ve got no fucking idea, but they think I’ll be safer if I’m somewhere they can’t see me.

Or they say why don’t you go get a job at Coles or something. Hahaha. Have a look at me, do you think I could get a job at Coles? I’m still using, no one is going to give me a job and even if they did, it wouldn’t be enough and you can’t do that kind of job while you’re using, so what else am I going to do?

“What would make us safer? How about if the Gatehouse was open a bit more? How about if it was open at night? Maybe if it was Tracy wouldn’t be dead now.”

- Woman, Greeves St


In response to Jane's articles the community have rallied around to help fundraise for 'Gatehouse Unlocked' - a campaign to open the doors of Gatehouse longer. Already thanks to the Pozible campaign run by local resident Jane Macdonald Gatehouse is now open an extra day a week. Now Melbourne's finest comedians and musical talent are coming together to raise further funds. It is a night not to be missed. Tickets will sell fast so book now.





Words and Friends

To celebrate the work of Gatehouse we are hosting an evening with wine, nibbles, and stirring spoken word performances in the grand surroundings of the ‘White House’ in St Kilda.

Spoken Word is a performance art growing in popularity across Melbourne. Three acclaimed and talented performers will each share a piece with us.

[click here to book tickets]

The Details:

Date: Friday 22nd November
Time: 7.30pm - 9.00pm
Location: White House, 11 Princes St, St Kilda
Cost: $25 (to cover expenses)
Light refreshments will be provided, including a complimentary glass of wine.

The Performers:

Carrie Bailee
CarrieSold into a paedophile ring by her father when she was 9 years old, Carrie performs a powerful piece of spoken word that tells her story of determination and hope in the face of adversity. Carrie wishes to demonstrate what is possible when people invest their time, care and encouragement in individuals who would otherwise get lost in the system.

Cameron Semmens
CameronCameron is an award-winning poet and performer. To date Cameron has released four albums and published twelve books of his poetry. A thoughtful, meaningful entertainer, he brings his unique brand of entertainment, humour and insight to people around Australia, performing at a wide range of venues and events for kids and adults alike.

Michelle Dabrowski
MichelleFrom the acclaimed Blue Metropolis Festival in Montreal to Melbourne Forum Theatre, Michelle has been a featured guest on stages across England, New Zealand, Canada and Australia. Michelle is the curator and founder to the highly attended Melbourne poetry slam series Slamalamadingdong! Performance is the means by which she builds an understanding with diverse audiences on a vulnerable and human level.

The Venue:

We are honoured to be able to host our event at the White House. Touted as the second oldest building in St Kilda, this behemoth beauty and iconic structure has been fully restored, with a lush garden and grand interiors.


We will also be sharing a brief update including the launch of our new Social Enterprise.

We hope to see you there.

Gluten Free and Vegetarian catering will be provided.



Benefit Concert

CLICK HERE to book tickets



Gatehouse Unlocked 2015

Melbourne’s finest comedians and musical talent are coming together to keep Gatehouse open five days a week. 

Last year with the help of a Pozible campaign we were able to raise funds to open up an extra day a week. This has made a huge difference at the Centre, allowing for continuity of services and significantly greater support. We are asking you to support our 'Gatehouse Unlocked' campaign so that we can keep the Centre open five days a week. This amazing line up of comedians and musicians are making sure that Gatehouse can stay unlocked.

Lawrence Mooney, Tony Martin, Judith Lucy, Josh Earl, Tegan Higginbotham, CJ Fortuna and Bob Franklin – as well as musicians Tex Perkins, Charlie Owen and Natalie McDermott.

Buy tickets to the funniest night of the year and spread the word amongst your friends, family and colleagues. 

If you can't make it to the comedy night you can support the Gatehouse Unlocked campaign by clicking here.

7pm Thursday 22 Octoer 2015
Encore, St kilda Sea Baths
$55 (incl light dinner)

The Gatehouse Drop-In Centre supports women who are working on the streets due to homelessness, poverty, family violence and addiction.





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